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Classrooms: There are 20 classrooms with teaching apparatus such as black boards, desks and sitting benches. There is an ICT room equipped with white board, smart board and LCD projector. Classes are often conducted in the Smart Classroom.

Girls and boys have separate common rooms for relaxing in-between classes.

The college has the capacity of 24 hours electricity and is equipped with back-up generator facility. There is 24 hours supply of purified water for the students as well as the staff.

The institution offers financial assistance to needy and meritorious students along with various Govt. and non-Govt. sponsored scholarships. The Scholarship Section is fully automated and consistently updated under the supervision of Nodal Officer Mr. Ziaur Rahaman.

Botanical Garden: The college garden is rigorously maintained and consists of more than 300 trees, also including a variety of medicinal plants.

Laboratories: As per the requirement, there is a laboratory for the use of the Department of Geography.

There is a well-kept Library with a decent collection of texts and references and is equipped with dedicated staff for the benefit of the students. The Library is automated with barcoded books to help students search books or check their availability virtually or remotely.

The institution has several CCTV cameras installed all around the campus keeping in mind the safety and security of student and staff.

A huge green field, adjacent to the college building is regularly maintained for the practice of physical activities and Annual sports of the institution.

Safety measures are often undertaken to keep the college campus surrounded by lush greenery a hazard free zone.

There is a well-planned seminar hall for the enrichment of the students where different Seminars, Workshops and Awareness programmes are held from time to time.

Career Counselling programmes and special recruitment drives are often held at college.

The departments often invite faculty from other institution to conduct Special Lectures for the students.

The institution also has a fully-computerized and automated office with dedicated staff members.

Special Awareness Programmes and Initiatives are often held in the institution, conducted by Patrasayer Block and Patrasayer Primary Health Center.

The institution also has a fairly equipped Sick room for the use of students and staff along with basic medical aid.