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Grievance Redressal Cell

There is a proper Grievance Redressal system in the institution. The college contantly strives to resolve grievances swiftly. There is also a Grievance Redressal Committee in place which holds meetings as and when required.

Grievance Redressal Committee
a) Principal
b) Dr. Priya Jyoti Samanta
c) Dr. Ritushree Sengupta


Patrasayer Mahavidyalaya has an active Grievance Redressal Committee the objective which is to address the grievances and complaints of all stakeholders and ensure swift redressal of the same after careful consideration among the committee members. The committee meetings are convened from time to time and steps are taken to redress grievances as and when required.

The committee has been formed, and later reconstituted, as per the guidelines provided by the UGC. It strives to instil a sense of responsibility and accountability among all stakeholders which in turn ensures a peaceful educational atmosphere within the campus.

The Grievance Redressal Committee functions in accordance with the following objectives:

·       Upholding the dignity of the institution while ensuring a peaceful ambience within the college campus.

·       Promoting a cordial student-staff relationship.

·       Encouraging the students to freely express their grievances / complaints / problems without any fear.

·       Acquainting the students with the institutional Code of Conduct, shared on college website (Link: ).

·       Encouraging the students to express their grievances through the Complaint Box installed. Grievances may also be communicated to the Head of the institution through writing both offline and online. Suggestions for improvement of the Academic and Administrative functions of the institution are also welcome.

·       Making the students aware of the strict Anti-Ragging policy of the institution (, a violation of which will lead to disciplinary action.


Grievance Redressal Committee



1.     Principal

M: 9434189238

2.     Dr. Priya Jyoti Samanta

M: 9734688017

3.     Dr. Ritushree Sengupta

M: 9740270124

Email Id:

Website Link: